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According to the website, ComicBookMovie, Bruce Willis has been cast to do the voice over work for the Thing in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” Reboot. Apparently Willis will also be making a short appearance in the beginning of the film.

FOX is also going with a completely CGI Thing this time.

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  • Bruce Willis should also get a lifetime achievement award for the many great films that he had ~

  • Сергей

    I liked both movies. Why remake? The actors are good, the story is okay. And, oh, the oldest movie in the series came out 5 years ago.

  • David Krisor

    I predict it will suck twice as much as the first two!!!

  • David Krisor

    They should have made him Doc Doom they could have just cromed his dome and been done.

  • Namtar

    From what I can understand, Willis will play Ben Grimm.  When the Cosmic Rays hit and the transformation takes place, the producers will throw some poor schmuck into The Thing make-up and costume, or they’ll go completely CG and have Willis do the voiceover work.  Either way, ol’ Bruce won’t get dirty and he’ll still be making the big bucks.

  • Namtar

    Michael Chiklis had a wonderful grasp on the Yancy Street character of Ben Grimm.  I can only imagine Bruce Willis saying, “Isn’t that right, Sugarpop?”  Is it because Bruce Willis is bald like Chiklis? or Is it because no one made “Look Who’s Talking 4?”