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Namtar here… (Yo Ho Ho!)

Jerry Bruckheimer go to screenwriter Terry Rossio (“The Lone Ranger,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series) will rewrite his own script. Rossio wrote the original version of the “Pirates 5” script, but it was unknown whether the rewrite would be handed over to a different writer. A representative from Bruckheimer Films confirmed with movieweb.com that Rossio would be the sole scribe for the film.

“First and foremost, Terry Rossio is absolutely, positively and definitively, the screenwriter of “Pirates 5.” As I’m sure you know, the development and writing of screenplays are a constantly evolving creative process. The “we” in Mr. Bruckheimer’s comments that you quoted was meant to be inclusive of Mr. Rossio.”

Bruckheimer went so far as to tweet this on his twitter account:

“#Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriter Terry Rossio doing his usual phenomenal work on P5”

The action/adventure/comedy “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” is currently in development. Bruckheimer Films and Disney Studios are looking at a tentative start date sometime in the summer of 2012. The film is slated for a 2013 release with actor Johnny Depp in the lead.

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