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Yabba Dabba Giggity!  “The Flintstones” will return to television under the supervision of “Family Guy” and “American Dad” creator Seth MacFarlane.  The deal went through between 20th Century Fox television and Warner Bros. television that will jointly produce the program which will air on Fox.Seth MacFarlane who says the very first cartoon character he drew at age 2 was Fred Flintstone elaborated, “So it’s appropriate that events have come full circle, allowing me to produce the newest incarnation of this great franchise. Plus, I think America is finally ready for an animated sitcom about a fat stupid guy with a wife who’s too good for him.”

Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company added, “FOX has long been home to iconic families like the Simpsons and the Griffins, so I have no doubt that the Flintstones and the Rubbles are going to fit right in on our air.”

In a video shown at the upfronts, MacFarlane shed some light on his plans for the remake: The characters will look the same but he’ll introduce new technology, like “What is the animal version of an iPad?”

Production on the animated series will begin in the Fall of 2011 for a 2013 premiere on the Fox schedule.  Dan Palladino (Gilmore Girls) and Kara Vallow (Family Guy) will serve as executive producers with Seth MacFarlane.

I can see it now:  (wavy lines blur into a dream sequence)

Fred and Wilma are nude, while cuddling on their stone couch.  From behind the couch, Barney Rubble’s head slowly rises like a hot-air balloon.  For a moment all is quiet, then he says, “Hey, you got room in there for a third? Giggity! Giggity! BAM! BAM!”

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Source:  Deadline