The sequel to the highest grossing film of all time, “Avatar” (over $2 billion) will have an underwater theme.  Director James Cameron’s fascination and passion for diving and underwater adventures will have a major influence on the “Avatar” sequel.  In fact, the film “Sanctum 3-D” was produced and released by Cameron.  A large portion of the setting in the feature is shot in underwater caves.

The Associated Press made this announcement:

“He (Cameron) has hinted that the follow-up films could take place on another planet in the same solar system as Pandora, the forest in which the first took place.  He has also brought up the possibility of involving the planet’s oceans.”

According to an interview with the AP, actress Michelle Rodriguez, who played combat pilot Trudy Chacon in the first “Avatar” film, has stated that she is unsure whether she will be a part of the next “Avatar” film.  (Her character was shot down in her air vehicle, which crashed and burned.  She was not seen among the surviving characters at the end of the film.)  She has commented she would be satisfied with a chance to sit on the set and watch the filming.  (Cameron has said characters who survived the first “get to be in the second film, at least in some form.”)

Rodriguez can be seen in the soon to be released “Battle: Los Angeles.”

“Avatar 2” will be coming to your solar system sometime in 2014.  James Cameron will direct the film.